Oh So Broken

Several weeks ago, just before Thanksgiving, our streak was broken. For just over 5 years we managed to not have any broken bones occur among the kids. There have already been multiple outpatient surgeries but no broken bones. Sadly, no one who knows our kids at all were surprised by the victim nor how it occurred.

It isn’t unusual for kiddos to come crying from their bedroom. They fight something horrible. Daily, one of them if not both come crying to us. What made this one different was that LittleM didn’t want to move his arm very far. Our first thought was a bruised shoulder. When we checked him our for a dislocated shoulder he checked out ok. After sitting in HomemadeDady’s lap for a bit he was still not cheering up like he should have been. LittlyM was transferred to my lap so HD could attend to the other kids and the kitchen. I looked at the shoulder area and noticed the already purple bruise on the top of LittleM’s shoulder but what also looked like another bruise a little closer to his neck. After 30 minutes in my lap and there still were no giggles or chattering coming from him I started to wonder if something more was wrong. He was whimpering but not in his brother-just-stole-my-toy whimper. He was in pain.

Being pregnant, I didn’t last long before the extra weight had me running to the bathroom. HD moved LittleM to the couch and that was when I noticed a knot near the collar bone. That wasn’t normal and was a bad sign. It took just over an hour from start to finish to decide that LittleM needed to go to Urgent Care and that we were all going as a family. LittleM decided that for us when he tried to point to something and didn’t even get his arm lifted very high before screaming in pain. HD packed up PirateM and LittleM and I woke up BigM. We all loaded into the van and rushed to the Urgent Care clinic hoping to get there before they closed. Thankfully we arrived on time and the whole process went quick. From the time we stepped out of the house to the time we loaded back into the van after seeing a doctor was right at 1 hour.

Now let me tell you, LittleM is hard-headed and stubborn as can be. He has taken tumbles that would have the other two in the fetal position on my lap and LittleM would laugh and run off. Most likely to repeat the amazing feat. We knew he was hurt and were pretty sure it was a broken bone. Even HD was convinced of that and HD isn’t easy to convince that something is really wrong. When that doctor came in and talked to us and then tried to get the same reaction out of LittleM, he sat there stone faced and stared her down. She tried to be gentle but was also trying to avoid doing an x-ray because LittleM is so young. When she got no reaction she put some pressure behind the poking and prodding. Still nothing. I was afraid she didn’t believe us and would send us home while cursing us under her breath for walking in at the last minute before closing. She stopped and turned as she was walking out the door and got a look at LittleM from a different angle and perspective. She then saw what I had earlier and felt better about ordering an x-ray.

Thankfully the radiology team on site was still there and were able to get him in and out. They were also the first to get some tears out of him but stickers helped to cheer him up. Meanwhile I had a 1 year old trying to escape the exam room and a 5 year old who became enamored with a glove balloon. The results came back very quickly and showed a very obvious break in the collar bone. We were given a sling and assured that while it looked bad in the x-ray the specialist most likely would NOT want to do surgery. We still had to be seen to make sure. By this time everything, including the late night, caught up with LittleM and he was a sobbing mess. We loaded into the van and grabbed McDonald’s fries and ice cream on the way home while watching Frozen. The french fries did help him to calm down a little but he was still in a lot of pain.

Once at home and PirateM and BigM were settled back into bed, LittleM got to camp out in the living room with HD. Poor guy woke up in so much pain during the night I had to come out and try to distract him while HD located all the medicine and grabbed new ice packs. Thank goodness for YouTube and Mario Kart play-through. The next day the Nanny was able to take LittleM to see the specialist and LittleM was given the all clear to not have surgery. We were told to keep the sling on for 1 month. It lasted about 2 weeks. We might have made it a little longer but lost the sling. LittleM was supposed to take it easy the whole time too but that only lasted about a week. It was a mere 5 days later and we found him back in the bedroom jumping off the race car bed frame which was how he broke the bone in the first place. You know the Fisher Price race car beds? They fit a crib mattress and sit super low to the ground. Yeah, he had to of landed wrong, or in this case just right.

He seems to have healed up quite well and now uses the hurt shoulder as an excuse for more attention. Boy did he catch onto that pretty quick! There is a follow up appointment soon to make sure everything healed correctly but the prognosis was very good.

Have you had a little one break a bone? What were some things you did to help them but avoid them using the injury for attention weeks later?


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