Thanksgiving 2015

I did not plan on having a big Thanksgiving dinner. We were going to have a fairly normal day and just eat whatever random foods we pulled together for dinner like a normal weekday meal. Then I was informed that HomemadeDady had invited Mr. Boss over for dinner. See Mr. Boss is a life long RV’er so he is currently living in a 5th wheel on some land out in the country. Great now I needed a plan B in case Mr. Boss decided to accept the invitation. Then a few days before Thanksgiving I found out that not only was Mr. Boss coming over but his girlfriend lives with him and was coming over too. I knew Mr.Boss well enough to know I would have to try super hard to entertain him but now there was a girlfriend thrown in the mix. This meant I would have to try a little harder.

The week of Thanksgiving we had bad ice patches on the sidewalk from the snowpocolypse melting off. The sun was not yet up and we were rushing to get to work on time. I stepped in the middle of a rather large patch and went down rather hard. Thankfully I landed in a way that I was confident BabyM was not impacted by the fall. She also did a spectacular job of letting me know she was okay on the drive into work. She is not like her brothers in that regard. I was still recovering from that fall and having to be up and down a lot at work during the week so HD ended up cooking most of the meal and I stayed in the chair. He also ended up doing all the shopping for the meal Wednesday with two little ones in tow. He forgot the Chex Mix makings and the Pumpkin Pie makings. I’m still waiting to get my pumpkin pie too. He even went back to the store to get chex mix and the right cranberry sauce and came home with Chex Mix and beer. Still no pie and still no cranberry sauce. I’m not letting him live that one down either.

We worked together to get things started. I figured out how to slow cook the dressing on the stove since we are still without a slow cooker. I was also able to dice the potatoes and stuff the deviled eggs. Then I hit my limit. HomemadeDady stepped up and massaged the turkey skin, stuffed the butter under the skin, boiled the potatoes, mixed up the fruit salad, made the green bean casserole and mixed up the fruit salad. He really came through that day and no one got food poisoning. Mr.Boss and his GF brought a yummy strawberry cake for dessert! After dinner we gathered around the table and played card and board games until early evening. They had a longer drive to get home and GF works in retail so she had to be to work the next day for Black Friday.

It went better than I had hoped for and expected. This was also the first year we did not have left overs for weeks after. I managed to scale back the cooking by some sort of miracle. Of course working everyday leading up to Thanksgiving probably also contributed to it.


What did you have on your Thanksgiving table this year? Do you have after dinner traditions?


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