Black Maddness

In the days leading up to Thanksgiving HomemadDady and I had talked about going Black Friday shopping. We eventually ended up deciding that we would go. We even had a plan of attack. We knew the couple of stores we would go to and how we would handle having the kids. Our answer was to take two strollers and a baby carrier. The older two would stroller it and the baby would back-pack. There of course was an option of switching out LittleM and PirateM if we needed to. I thought we had a pretty good plan in place. Then I mentioned it to my co-workers one lunch break. I was insistently informed that it was a terrible plan and the kids would get trampled.

This idea was so foreign to me. We have taken the kids to Wal Mart on Thanksgiving night for the big electronics sales and never saw stampedes or fights. Everything was well organized and people were more or less courteous. We talked to our date night babysitter and arranged for her to spend Thanksgiving with us and then stay with the kids while HD and I went out. Then everything went wrong.

First the babysitter was sick all day Thanksgiving Day. That night she told us she was ok to come in early morning as planned. Then I sent HD to the car to get some movies out so we could watch one and then had to chip ice off the car to even get in. I knew that the time we were leaving is the time frame where it traditionally gets colder just before it starts warming up. I decided that I didn’t want to be out in the crowds, with impatient people, and ice on who knows what at 5 in the morning. So we cancelled our early morning run and I bought a couple things online.

We did end up going out and taking the kids with us but we didn’t leave until 11:30 in the morning. Maybe I just chose the right stores to go to but the stores either weren’t any busier than on a weekend or there was no waiting line to check out.

Do you go shopping on Black Friday? If you do go do you ever take the kiddos with you?


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