Black Maddness Haul Part 1

I talked about going out shopping on Black Friday. I thought I would share our “haul” from that day. I say “haul” because we really didn’t’ buy much that day. Even if you lump in Saturday, we still didn’t buy that much. I was not very impressed with the sale ads that were released and didn’t find much in stores either. There was one big ticket item we were looking for and never found a sale big enough to make us go out and buy it.


Our first stop was Hobby Lobby. They weren’t having sales any larger than normal but perhaps more were going on at once than normal. They always have a section of the store that is 50% off and the sections just rotate every so often. There is fabric there that I want to get but it wasn’t on any more of a sale than the everyday sale so I skipped the fabric. I actually went in there looking specifically for ONE thing. I had compared prices all over the internet and even looked at ordering straight from the artist. We ended up paying a few dollars more at Hobby Lobby and getting the print framed versus an unframed print directly from the artist. Hobby Lobby is the one store I almost left in tears. Not because of rude people, that comes Saturday, but because the one print I wanted and had been waiting to buy was sold out. I couldn’t find it anywhere. In desperation I walked up and down all the décor aisles hoping there was a second display of it somewhere. Low and behold I found one sitting on a shelf having been set down, unwanted and unloved. I took a quick look thinking there was something wrong with it. Aside from a small smudge it was perfect. I texted HD and we decided that the smudge wasn’t that bad and so I bought that last print. While in Hobby Lobby I also happened upon a décor piece that looks like it might be a tiered jewelry stand. It was the perfect colors and prints and could be used in so many ways. It was also 50% off and the last one. So I grabbed it as well. My total at Hobby Lobby? Less than the full price of the print I originally went in for!

Our next stop was Joanne’s Fabrics. I wanted to check out their fabric selection for BabyM’s blanket and find a pattern for 99 cents. We weren’t too impressed with the sales by the time I got to the store and were we impressed with the selection for the colors and theme we want. I moved onto the patterns and found the one we wanted. The 99 cent sale was still going and the pattern was the last one. I snatched it up and moved on to seeing if there was anything else that caught my eye. The ribbon wasn’t on sale and we didn’t see many bow decorations we liked. We decided not to buy things to alter the boys’ clothes but I did see a pretty good sale on the strings of beads. I knew we needed some for decorating the nursery space so I chose out several and HD helped me narrow it down to a reasonable amount. My total at Joanne’s for Friday was right about the full retail price of just the pattern and I got the pattern and 5 or 6 strings of jewelry beads. For anyone that makes crafts from those beads you know. They add up in price FAST.

In the same shopping area are Babies R Us and Toys R Us. HD didn’t want to go hunting for bottles even for the AMAZING sale the bottles were on but we did go into Toys R Us. This is the one store where we had trouble. LittleM didn’t want to leave when we said it was time to go. He wanted to watch the preview videos of Mario games all day. This isn’t a new issue. It happens at every store that has the previews set up. The big problem came when we paid for our items and went to leave. BigM just knew that we hadn’t bought anything for him. Which we had, he just didn’t realize it was for him. Of course since these are Christmas presents we didn’t tell him what was for him. We did, however, start to take everything back and return it because he was throwing such a big fit over it.

We only got one sale at Toys R Us and that was on a board game, the updated version of classic Clue. There are two sides to the game board, the original mansion and then a boardwalk scene. Otherwise you have all the original characters and weapon choices. This gift is for BigM. He really likes to play table games and we don’t have many that challenge him enough. The other two items we got weren’t on sale but we picked them up because it was convenient. Little M is getting a toy figurine set of the Vegimals from Octonauts and PirateM is getting Playskool Heroes Star Wars toy figurine set of a character and a vehicle. If I remember correctly is it Luke Skywalker and a Tauntaun. We also picked up toothbrushes for them. They always are fighting over the toothbrushes even though we have enough for each to have their own. Our total at Toys R Us was a little more since the only thing on sale was the board game but it was less than if we had gone anywhere else to include Amazon.

Our last stop was Target. I wanted to buy BabyM some clothes there but the clothes I wanted weren’t in sizes I was allowed to buy yet. We did find a movie on a good sale but the movie was DVD only and I found a better sale elsewhere that would get us the 3 version set for just $2 more. We walked out of Target with only an Icee. Target is also the only store where we got separated and had to enact our meet up plan.

For online stores I bought item at Children’s Place, JCPenny, Gamestop and Amazon. Children’s Place had a good sale on Christmas PJ’s and I got the boys coordinating PJ’s for just over $20. JCPenny had amazing sales on what I bought for HD. Sorry I can’t spoil the surprise since he does occasionally read these. I did use the ship to store option to save on shipping and that process was super easy and painless. It also made it so we didn’t’ have to try and go in early or deal with the mall. Gamestop was having a sale on a video game expansion that both HD and I wanted. We could have saved a total of a dollar and bought the expansion straight from the company but by going to Gamestop we were able to use some store credit we had been saving. Amazon is where I got the coloring set of color wonder markers and paper for the kids as their joint gift. With all the marks on the walls and PirateM taking a big interest in coloring, this gift was more of one for us and the Nanny then them I think! I had originally bought more from Amazon but then ended up deciding against it all and going back and cancelling the order.


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