Black Maddness Haul Part 2


I was suckered in on Saturday. I saw a post from Joanne’s Fabric about a sale they were having on Saturday. We weren’t even out of bed yet. I was able to pester HD into agreeing to go and even going inside to help me choose. The sale on fabric on Friday was worse than if we just waited patiently and bought pieces one by one using the 50% coupons that occasionally come out. On Saturday it was a bigger sale than any coupon that is ever released. So we packed everyone up and headed back to Joanne’s. The big catch was that even the fabric BigM had picked for his SD was on a good sale and it was a licensed print! SO we loaded up on fabrics for the animal capes picked one fabric out for BabyM’s blanket and got the back fuzzy fabric to go with it. We spent WAY more than I had intended to that day but when I saw that we saved twice as much as we spent I felt a little better about it. Most of the fabric we chose was on a 60% sale except for the fuzzy fabric and I got a fat quarter for 99 cents. This was also the day and place where we had our interesting interaction with another shopper that almost left me in tears and fuming at the same time. There will be more on that in a different post at a different time.

This was also the day we decided to brave the mall. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t very busy. We went into Gamestop and used the rest of our store credit to help offset buying some subscription time for the expansion pack that I had bought the night before. We spent more in there than I wanted but HD pointed out that It was probably a little cheaper than going directly to the company because of the store credit we had. I think it equaled out to be about the same because the company offers a discount on multiple month packages but at least this way we got more reward points!

While at the mall we also decided to go see Santa because there was absolutely NO line to see him. While walking down the path to get to Santa’s seat we saw that we were allowed to take out own pictures from a designated spot. SCORE! I did get some pictures of PirateM and LittleM with HD. PirateM did great sitting on Santa’s lap despite being woken up to do so. LittleM wanted nothing to with the whole affair not even while being held by one of us. BigM was extremely hard to convince to even walk near him. I eventually coaxed him into it by reminding BigM that this was the same person we had seen a couple weeks before walking around the mall. It also helped that Mrs. Clause was handing out coloring books and crayons. After that I was able to get him to pose for a picture. Of course HD was busy watching this spectacle of getting all three kids in the picture that he didn’t take any of his own. We did end up buying one print that the photographer had caught before LittleM ran off. It wasn’t the best picture but it’s our family to a T. We saw some that she had of PirateM giggling at her while on Santa’s lap. We may just have to go through again and see what kind of pictures we can get next time. We were told that we could come back as many times as we wanted and it often took 3 visits for the kids to become comfortable with Santa.


Did you find better deals on days that weren’t Black Friday?  Do you take your kids to see Santa at a store or mall?


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