The Never Ending Trudge

The third trimester always seems the longest. The bigger you grow the harder it is to see and do many everyday tasks. I can’t sit comfortably most of the day, can’t see my feet except on rare occasion. The round ligament pain has increased so it is now harder to stand, walk, carry items more than 5 pounds and even roll over in bed.

Thankfully my back and tailbone problem has been mostly corrected. There was a period of several months where I could not get out of bed without my tail bone cracking. This would then pull on things in the front and increase that pain. It would also randomly crack during the day. The easiest fix was going to a Chiropractor who specialized in pregnant women. Three appointments later and I haven’t had the cracking tailbone for several weeks now. That was one of the weirdest feelings in the world and I am glad to be rid of it.

I passed my gestational diabetes screening and haven’t gotten any UTI’s this pregnancy. The Group B Strep test was done this week and as long as that comes back negative then I will be home free for another IV free birth, home free being a relative term right now. Every appointment baby has performed beautifully. We elected for an additional ultrasound back at the boutique that had done our gender determination. This time we got a 3D one. This little girl still has some attitude. We almost didn’t get a good picture of her face. I guess she isn’t ready for the paparazzi yet.

At that ultrasound her legs were measuring long but the rest of her was right on target for size. She also already had ½ inch of hair at that time and it is just going to keep growing! I was very thankful to find out that she had indeed flipped and turned and is sitting head down with her face in my hip. The doctor confirmed this week that she is indeed still head down. We have just decided that BabyM is not much of a kicker but she sure does love to PUNCH.

I have FINALLY gained approximately 10 pounds this pregnancy. We aren’t sure how much I ended up losing at the beginning because I did miss one appointment at the start but it has been a bit of a fight to gain it back and keep gaining.


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