From Boys to Girl

Transitioning from 3 boys to now having a girl has been rather intimidating. I walk down the girl aisles at Target and feel so incredibly lost. Yes, all three of my boys have grown up with some exposure to princesses, ponies and pink and purple (BigM’s two favorite colors) it has never been to the extent of Monster High, Shopkins, Palace Pets, or Littlest Pet Shop. What ARE shopkins? These baffle me and the best I can figure out is that they are collectibles of some sort.

Now instead of just stocking up on jeans and t-shirts I now have to add in leggings, skirts, dresses, hair accessories and tights. We have to decide to what extent are we going to have our little girl follow how Mommy dresses? While I do wear pants more often now I still don’t wear sleeveless tops in public. How old does she have to be before she can wear a bikini style bathing suit? When can she get her ears pierced or start wearing necklaces outside of dress up play? Why did I think that having a girl would be so much simpler than a boy?!?

For now we are keeping things as simple as we can. We have a selection of leggings, onsies, and one-pieces in a variety of lengths and sizes. We have decided to not do sleeveless without a cover up of some sort. At this stage I am not too worried about skirt length and I am not sure we have really bought her any shorts. I’m not against her wearing shorts I just don’t like the bubble short style that is currently in fashion for babies. We have stuck to our cost saving methods and only bought stuff that was under $5 per piece. This does mean that those footed pj’s can be as high as $10 because they count as both a top and a bottom. We didn’t’ pay that much for the ones we have though. I did keep some items from the boys for her to wear as well. I also handmade her blanket and will be making a second one soon. Between what we bought, what I am getting from my cousin and what we got from my workplace as gifts, I think we are pretty well set up. Of course I know we are missing SOMETHING but we always do.

Did I spoil her? Probably but she is my only baby girl so I figured buying her a few items that were more girl than boy wouldn’t hurt.


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