Baby M: Birth Story

I went in for my normal doctor appointment. When I walked out I had instructions to go directly to the hospital so they could get the process started. On the drive HomemadeDady and I worked out some minor details. Things like getting in contact with the babysitters and picking up BigM from school and what last minute things needed to be grabbed.

I was dropped off at the hospital to start the paperwork and get checked in while Homemade Dady took care of everything else. The process of checking me in took a little longer while the nurse and I discussed using cytotek to start or not. Thankfully I had an amazing nurse team who agreed that Cytotek may not be the best thing to use to start my induction and they made the call to the doctor to get permission to use Cervidil. Once that was worked out and the paperwork was signed I got my IV lock inserted and then came the medicine.

For those who may not know the Cervidil is inserted and placed up against the cervix. The pill itself is contained with a string attached for easy removal if needed. To insert it the nurse wrapped the mesh around her fingers. That was one of, if not the most, painful experience of my life. `Then came the wait. I took a nap, watched movies, talked to HD and waited.

5 hours later nothing had happened. I’m not sure I was even having contractions. The nurse came in to unhook me and let me get up and stretch and go to the bathroom. I’d had some water and a Popsicle while waiting. That simple task was all it took. By the time I got back to the bedside the contractions had started in and got intense fast. The nurse re-positioned the medicine which was the second most painful thing of my life. We called in the doula who lived an hour away. I also BEGGED for the epidural and while they started the process for that got two doses of pain medicine. An hour after the cervidil had been re-positioned the nurse checked again and I had dilated 1 cm. She reluctantly took the medicine out.

The medicine barely took the edge off. The most it did was take enough pain off that I could distinguish between contractions instead of feeling like it was one 2 hour long contraction. I was still laying on my side as they brought in the equipment for a delivery and set the room up for an epidural. We were told what was going to happen and where everyone would be positioned during the process. Then I felt it. The need to push. Then an involuntary push.

Everyone was still in the room prepping for the anesthesiologist to show up. I informed them that she was coming and my nurse quickly moved to my feet and told me she had to check my cervix. I told her she wasn’t coming near my cervix. I did move a leg so she could at least see things and she found a head. Then my water broke and she barely moved in time to not get hit as things were more like an exploding water balloon.  She started giving directions to the others in the room and just a couple pushes later BabyM was born.

I do remember asking if the baby was ok and once I was assured that baby was ok I asked if it was still a girl. We tried to do skin to skin but I was in a tangled mess of wires and sheets and blankets. I still did the best I could. As BabyM was born the doula and anesthesiologist walked into the room. It was 11:30 at night and they were turned away at the door. I felt awful and called for someone to apologize to them for me. About 15 minutes after she was born the doctor walked in.

He checked things out and stitched me up and left to get a nap in before having to work the next morning and then catch an airplane. We were able to delay the newborn checks for quite awhile until I had been able to get her to nurse.

Total time from 5 cm to birth? approximately 30 minutes.



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