LittleM: 3rd Birthday

Little M turned 3 back in the beginning of March. We made sure to have a special celebration for him even if it wasn’t much. I was not feeling up to much and 2 days prior our entire family situation had just changed and we were still in the middle of the unknown. Friday night we let him choose what we ate for dinner and then pick a movie to watch.The next day LittleM chose to go to Chuck E Cheese and so off we went armed with amazing coupons from being on the e-mail list.

We had a blast. All 3 boys love playing the games and eating lots of pizza and lemonade. We happened to get there just before the big lunch rush and things got crowded fast. So I followed them around carrying all the tokens while HD powered through the tokens with the kids. Then when we were down to the last few I started redeeming them so LittleM could pick out his prizes. Then the worse thing possible happened.

Every parents nightmare in a crowded party place came to life in front of me. Thankfully not on me. LittleM threw up all over the floor by the ticket machine. He then threw up again at the checkout counter where everyone was trying to buy tokens and pizza. The poor kid overate with 3 large pieces of pizza and 2 tall glasses of lemonade in a short period of time. We helped him pick out a couple prizes and I hurried him outside and to the car while HD helped the other two pick out a couple prizes. As we drove towards the house LittleM perked up quite a bit so we decided that we could still stop at Target and let him pick out his birthday present from us. He got a tiger figurine and a hot wheel car. This was an eventful ending to a busy birthday weekend.


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