BabyM: Headbands

I may have been enjoying having a girl a little too much. I may have downloaded the Etsy app to be able to browse  for hair accessories during my downtime at work. I may have at one point ad almost $500 worth of items in my cart on Etsy. Countless hours scrolling and searching for the perfect headbands.

I eventually decided that buying headband making kits would be much better. The instructions included were simple enough and the price was much better than buying them  already made. There were a couple different shops that sold coordinated kits as well. They came with items matched together to make the process even easier.

The orders slowly came in but I refused to put any of them together until I had all the pieces together in one big bucket. This gave me the option to mix and match the sets how I saw fit. Originally I was going to sew them together but did end up following the hot glue gun instructions. The shops I ordered from were PrettyInPinkSupply, WelchsWorkshopSupply and LuxeSupplyCo; all on Etsy.

Most of the headbands are fold over elastic but I do have one or two pieces of lace as well. There was a variety of flower types, bows and even rhinestone pendants. The headbands range from sweet princess to rockabilly to patriotic. I do plan on getting a few more to make some more holiday bows in addition to superhero and disney princess themed bows.

Do you have a favorite store that you bought hair accessories from?


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