Movie Night: Star Wars

To help add a little variety to our weekly menus and as something fun for the kids, HomemadeDady and I implemented “Movie Night”. I got the idea from Pinterest. After all isn’t that where all good ideas come from these days? Of course we gave it our own little spin. I don’t do any special crafts with the kids. We simply do a meal plan and let them watch the movie during dinner.

First up was a Star Wars themed brunch! Normally I don’t like doing foods that are a play on words but I couldn’t resist some of these treats. We have all six movies on blu-ray so I let BigM pick which one we watched. I am ashamed to say that he picked Phantom Menace. At least it wasn’t Attack of the Clones or Revenge of the Sith.


Princess Lei’s Buns – Cinnamon Rolls

Obi-Wan Kabobs – Fruit Kabobs

Death Stars – Powder Sugar donuts

Chew-bacon – Vegetarian Bacon

Darth Taters – Tater Tots

Han Burgers – Breakfast Sandwiches with sausage patties and eggs

Jedi Juice – some sort of juice concoction that HD made up

The kids really had a lot of fun with this meal and being allowed to watch a movie with dinner. I’d call this a success and we are hoping to plan more meals like soon.


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