Autism: Summer Plans

BigM continues to have his struggles. He wakes up before the sun and doesn’t like being sent to bed before the sun. I have a feeling that the next time we move it will be to a place that doesn’t have drastic daylight changes. With those struggles come behavior struggles as well. All of this on top of the school year ending and me returning to work has been a bit much for the poor kid.

Even before school was out he was struggling to adjust to the new family member. So much so that he refused to participate in his spring music concert. He had been caught lying to HomemadeDady about clothes so his consequence was not getting to wear a new shirt to the concert. We left the house and walked him to his music room and he was absolutely perfect. Then it came time to walk into the gym and sing and he lost it. He had giant alligator tears the entire 45 minutes and refused to sing. He stood right front and center too. When he was asked what was wrong he refused to talk to anyone. The only person he would hug or squeeze was his teacher. We found out later that night he didn’t sing because his clothes weren’t fancy enough. In his mind new clothes = fancy clothes.

In more every day behavior he has become more physical with his brothers. When he is asked to do his chores he is more likely to jump, stomp and mutter/cry to himself. While these are somewhat normal, what isn’t normal is the fact that they are tied to changes in daylight. He isn’t getting as much sleep anymore and that isn’t helping either.

To try and help with this and figure out what exactly is going on we have started BigM on chiropractic care. Luckily he does really well for the doctor and loves climbing on her table and letting her adjust him. Now that he is in a good routine with that we are introducing counseling. I chose a place that came highly recommended by the community and has a variety of therapy types including play therapy. I wanted to get him into swim lessons as well but HD and I never did agree on the best route to go with that. For now they take regular trips to the library and BigM is participating in the reading program to keep busy.


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