Chore Time

BigM has been going through a change in chores recently. For that matter so has LittleM. We have been working on transitioning BigM to new chores and giving his old chores to LittleM. PirateM is slowly picking up a couple chores as well but not to the extent of the other two. We are having some trouble with BigM complaining that his chores are boring. I’m a little confused as to how these chores are boring but his last set of chores weren’t!


  • Load the dishwasher – He only loads certain dishes. HomemadeDady helps with the soap dispenser and the big dishes.
  • Sweep up dirt piles – I sweep the floor and then BigM comes behind me and sweeps up the piles using a hand broom.
  • Switch laundry from the washer to the dryer
  • Put laundry in the washer – HomemadeDady helps with turning it on and dispensing the soap
  • Pick up the toy room
  • One meal per week (more on this later)
  • Get clean trash bags out
  • Clear his and PirateM’s dishes from the table

He also has a couple chores that he is helping his brothers learn to take over like throwing away diapers and garbage and putting away the dishes. We are trying to transition those to LittleM though.


  • Unload the dishwasher
  • Unload the dryer
  • Get clean diapers
  • Throw away dirty diapers
  • Pick up toys and books in the living room
  • Gather the dirty laundry around the house
  • Clear his dishes form the table


Unload the silverware from the dishwasher – In all reality he isn’t tall enough to see into the silverware drawer to be able to put the silverware away in the tray but he tries. It at least makes it in the drawer.

Throw dirty diapers and other garbage away – he almost has this one mastered except for actually making it into the garbage bag. Sometimes he gets mad and just throws the garbage around the room too.

Take his breakfast and snack dishes to the sink – he normally eats snacks and breakfast out of his seat so we are working on teaching him to put those dishes in the sink when he is done.

BigM and LittleM also will wipe down doors as needed.


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