Nursing Snacks

A shopping trip at WalMart left me with a fully stocked food drawer at work. I knew that with pumping at work and nursing at home I was still going to need snacks to eat during the day. Some I brought to leave in my drawer and others I bring on a daily basis.

I have Emerald Breakfast on the Go pouches. I chose two different flavors of Smore’s and Coffee House Blends. I was a little nervous about the Coffee House Blend pack because it has chocolate covered espresso beans in it. Coffee makes me sick with severe stomach aches almost immediately after drinking it. I can’t even have the mixed drinks that have coffee in them. I tried one from Baskin Robbins once and still got sick from it. I can usually handle the cappuccino flavored jelly beans but had never tried straight espresso beans before. I won’t be repurchasing these and not because the beans make me sick. The entire bag is infused with a coffee flavor and not a good coffee flavor. Everything tastes like either stale coffee beans or cheap coffee beans maybe even stale, cheap coffee beans. The granola, the nuts, the chocolate, all of it has an unpleasant hint of bad coffee to it. I won’t be repurchasing the Smore’s blend either. While the blend as a whole was delicious, the marshmallows have a funny texture to them. They were along the lines of those soft, mint candies that dissolve in your mouth. They don’t taste like marshmallows either. I’m eating the rest of what we have of those but we are going to be making our own stuff soon.

I also picked up two different granola bars, Quaker Oats Girl Scout Thin Mint bars and Sunbelt Bakery Banana oat bars. The banana oat bars aren’t all that bad despite the slight fake banana taste. They have banana chips in them which I wasn’t expecting but it gives the bar a nice little crunch in an otherwise very soft and chewy bar. I may not buy them again right away but I will get them again soon. The Thin Mint bars are everything you expected and then some. These I have to force myself to only eat one bar a day. Aside from the fact that these have oats instead of a chocolate cookie they are just like the cookies you can get once a year. I’m crossing my fingers these aren’t a limited edition flavor like the ice cream is.

I also bring in bags of parmesan and garlic pita chips and white cheddar popcorn. For something on the fresh side I have oranges, green pepper slices and baby carrots. Now I don’t eat all of this every day. These are just options we got and the non-perishable stuff I do keep at work. Rounding out my snack stash are wheat thins and string cheese. The string cheese is good because it is the only cheese I can eat without having to worry about flare-ups from the gallbladder. I also keep a couple water flavorings for the water bottles that the company provides for us. I have Jolly Rancher Watermelon flavor and Crush Strawberry flavor. The crush won’t be a repeat buy because it just isn’t the same without the carbonation but the jolly rancher one is just as good as the candy but more refreshing!


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