Movie Night: Big Hero 6

Our last “Movie Night” was such a success we decided to try another one. This one was a lot of fun to plan the menu and then change and change again and change while we were cooking. I like to think we went through a similar process the Hiro did when he was designing the original suit for Baymax.

The movie for the night was Big Hero 6. The kids love the movie and HomemadeMomy loves the soundtrack. It was a win-win! Our original menu was Hiros, or sandwiches, honey lemonade, wings and mochi. Then we were going to have hiros, honey lemonade, wing style chicken breasts and mango-go mochi. We ended up with hiros, honey lemon chicken, monster juice and mochi.


Hiros – turkey breast, lettuce, tomato and condiments

Honey Lemon Chicken – a mash up between Honey Lemon and Aunt Cass

Monster Juice – it was even orange in honor of Fred and his fire breathing monster suit

Mochi – because it was super easy to make and there is a cat named Mochi

PirateM did have a deconstructed hiro because he isn’t fond of bread and sandwiches but otherwise this was another big hit. LittleM even got to help make the mochi. The recipe we used was super simple and one done in the microwave. We didn’t add anything to the mochi but that didn’t stop anyone from eating their piece and asking for more. I may or may not have sat down with the bowl the next morning and eaten the rest for breakfast.


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