BabyM: 2 Month Update

BabyM has been developing so quickly! I say developing instead of growing because I don’t see much of the growth right now. At her 2 month checkup she had gained 3 pounds and 1 inch. When BigM was a baby, his Grandpa used to call him little elfin boy. Well, I think we have our little elfin girl now. BabyM is the sweetest little thing though, so petite. Don’t let her size fool you though. She has enough personality and attitude to make up for it. We could see her personality coming out when she was just 4-6 weeks old.

Surprisingly she doesn’t mind tummy time now. BabyM will happily spend time on the floor by herself with a mirror to look at. She does prefer to have someone there talking to her. She especially loves to interact with her big brothers. BabyM has also started vocalizing A LOT the past couple weeks. She will lie in your arms and stare at you and hold a rather lengthy conversation. Little Miss is also full of smiles now. She will smile when she sees mom or dad but not quite for her brothers yet.

She has a weird relationship with nursing. She prefers one side but when she nurses on that side she does not have the best latch. This isn’t something new that developed when she started taking a bottle it has been there from day one. Bottle feeding is going much better this week than last. She will now take 8-10 ounces in a day which is about double what she started at. The doctor isn’t too worried about her refusing to eat much from a bottle at this point. We are all just happy that she is eating something!

The reflux and gas problems she was having have mostly gone away. Poor baby can still have some bad gassy periods but they aren’t nearly what they were a few weeks ago. She is sleeping a longer stretch during the night but isn’t sleeping through the night yet. We are up to 4-6 hours at a time which is fine with me! There is no reason to rush her sleeping any longer at this point.


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