Mom-Day Interview ~ First-Time Mom of Multiples

For the second in my Mom-Day Interview series I talked to a Momma who is currently expecting triplets. This will be her first delivery too! As a first-time mom that I am acquainted with I have been enjoying the chance to talk to her and walk beside her on this journey. She has some pretty helpful tips for moms expecting multiples so read on and find out how her pregnancy has gone!

How many children do you have? Ages?
We don’t have any children except our 2 dogs but have 3 on the way in December. 😊

What do you appreciate most about your children?What I appreciate most is what a miracle having a child is and the blessings we’ve been given.

What is a struggle you have regarding motherhood? No struggle yet but I’m very nervous about getting them on a sleep schedule and nursing.

Do you have any hobbies?
Pre-pregnancy I was a runner and training for my second half marathon. I also loved Zumba. Another hobby is going riding and camping in the sand dunes.

Do multiples run in your family?

Were you trying or hoping for multiples?
We were trying to get pregnant for a while but not trying for multiples. I thought twins could be fun but was very shocked when we found out there’s 3.

Was this pregnancy planned? Yes

Did you do anything to prepare for pregnancy?
I took prenatal vitamins for a year as advised by my doctor and was in the best shape of my life which I think has greatly helped.

When did you find out you were carrying multiples?
Since we had been trying and have family risk of miscarriage we had an early ultrasound at 6 weeks which is when we found out.

What has been the biggest help during this pregnancy?
My mom has been an amazing support. Also, my husband has been so incredible. He has done so much and continues to do so much to help me especially since I can do less and less on my own now. There is also a triplets board on Facebook with moms of or pregnant with triplets this year. It’s been a great help. I also have an awesome high risk doctor and nurses who are always there to help.

What is something you will miss about being pregnant?
The excitement of such miracles growing inside me.

What is something you won’t miss about being pregnant? Having a hard time finding comfy clothes, shortness of breath, and lack of energy.

What are /were some of your go-to clothes during each trimester? First trimester I was small so I still fit in my clothes I normally wore just a bit baggier for work so no one noticed. About 16/18 weeks I started getting maternity pants. Now I live in leggings and maternity shirts and at night grants T-shirts. Sketchers go walks are the most amazing shoes I’d highly recommend them to anyone pregnant.

Do you plan to breast or bottle feed?
I plan to do a mix of both.

What are you doing to prepare for that? Not much yet other than asking about which bottles everyone recommends. I’m waiting to get advice from the NICU staff and lactation specialist.

What is your biggest fear?
My biggest fear is not knowing I’m in labor I just want to make it to 34 weeks or close so our babies are healthy and strong.

How have you prepared for the stay in the NICU?
We have toured the NICU and asked many questions as well as talked with the social worker. I’m now getting hospital bags ready.

What advice would you have for other moms of multiples?
See a high risk doctor as soon as possible, the further you get in pregnancy be sure to take it easy and listen to your body. Don’t work after 20 weeks. Join a support group like the ones on Facebook. Have your baby shower early on when you feel good (mine was 18 weeks). Join local mom boards to get freebies and cheap items so you don’t spend too much money.

How have you kept busy while on bed-rest? I’m not officially on bed rest but can’t do much anymore without being exhausted. I watch a lot of TV and make weekly lists. I try to accomplish 2-3 things a day. I also play Sudoku a lot.


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