Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas Eve is just one short week away. It’s hard to believe that 2016 has come and is about gone. This time last year I was pregnant with BabyM and working full time. Now I am working part-time in retail and getting ready to be a full time stay-at-home-momy once more. But this isn’t the time for reflection. That may come later.

**This post does contain affiliate links including those in the pictures. It does not cost you any extra but helps me to be a stay-at-home-momy for my littles.  Thank you for your support**

Growing up I had lots of different traditions. We would open gag gifts before going to bed. These were always themed and something fun to play with that night. One year was silly string, another was nerf guns and there was even a year of hand-held electronic games. We always had a buffet dinner, also themed. Then we would watch Scrooge starring Albert Finney. Now that I am married with kids of my own things have changed. Granted not much but still they have.

Over the years we have tried different things from gag gifts to opening stockings. The one gift opening tradition that has stuck so far is pajamas and a new movie. We even go as far as to get matching pajamas. I usually tried to keep it a Christmas movie but last year and this it hasn’t been. This year we considered changing it to blankets instead of pajamas but we ended up with both because of gifts from the family. Each of the kids will be getting Christmas pajamas, a big blanket and Magic Milk Straws. Then there will be two new movies Planes and Planes:Fire & Rescue. The blankets and movies are courtesy of family.

Our Christmas Eve buffet this will still have a theme as it has every year with the exception of last year. Last year both HomemadeDady and I had to work on Christmas Eve and weren’t able to get anything fancy cooked up. I may have to work this Christmas Eve again but we are still planning a buffet. The theme this year will be dips and dipables. We will have a variety of savory and sweet dips to go along with crackers, pretzels, fruit, bread, vegetables and corn chips.

What are some of your favorite Christmas Eve traditions?


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