BabyM: Tongue-Tie Clipping

My poor baby girl. She has been through a bit in her short little life. Not as much as other babies thankfully but still too much.  One stop on the journey to solving her slow weight gain was getting her evaluated for a tongue-tie.

I spoke extensively with a lactation consultant who then referred me to a dental office for a formal evaluation and, if necessary, treatment. We also took another visit to the chiropractor who was able to refer to a dentist much closer to home and also took our insurance.

The entire experience was wonderful. They took BabyM and I back and talked about all the possible outcomes for the day and took down family and patient history and contact information for all the providers involved in her care. Then the dentist came in and did the evaluation. It turned out that BabyM had a small, posterior tongue-tie and a thick upper lip-tie.

We did opt out of the lip-tie clipping because it was stretchy enough to not be causing any problems. They asked me to leave the room and schedule the follow up appointment while they performed the procedure. This was for safety reasons because it was being done by laser.

By the time I was done scheduling, the procedure was over and she was dancing around the room with one of the techs. I nursed her right away for comfort and then we were shown how to check her mouth for infection and improper healing. The follow up appointment went just as smoothly. Everything was healing nicely with no complications. They sent before and after pictures to her pediatrician along with a report.

This was the third baby we had to take in for a tongue-tie clipping and it was, by far, our best experience. For more information about tongue-ties, lip ties and breastfeeding I highly recommend Dr. Ghaheri‘s website. It is the one that has been recommended to me for more information, all three times.


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