Becoming Me

To say that these past few months have been rough would be an understatement. The holidays are hard for me. My depression and anxiety skyrocket. This year the seasonal job I had didn’t help matters. Normally it wouldn’t have been bad but the store I was at was in the process of going through some changes and the employees bore the brunt of the pain.


After the holidays, I decided that I wanted to keep a part-time job but try something different. So, I did. I am still dealing with the fall out of that job not working. Being a barista isn’t hard. Being a fast barista was hard for me. I didn’t mind what I was doing but apparently the owners did because they just stopped putting me on the schedule despite promises to keep me.

Each step, while painful, was a step forward for me. I started feeling better. I was beginning to recognize my triggers for the panic attacks. Most importantly? I began reading again. Then one of my late-night whims took over. Of course, last time that happened I landed at the seasonal job. Thankfully this late-night whim did not turn out that way. It has been the best thing to happen to me in a long time.


I saw an ad on Facebook for a new place in town that was hiring. I looked into them and was intrigued. I always thought escape room entertainment sounded interesting but had never been to one before. Hey, why not? I put in an application. Next day I got a phone call for an interview. I interviewed 3 days later. I knew they were short on time to hire so when I hadn’t heard anything by the weekend I figured I was no longer in the running. Then Saturday I get a phone call. I went in the next day for another interview and was hired on the spot and started the next day!

During the second interview, I stated more than once that I did not want more than 20 hours a week. Training week was fine if it wasn’t long term. Here I am 2 ½ months into it and I haven’t slowed down. If anything, I have been picking up more hours. I don’t mind it though. In fact, I didn’t notice until recently when I looked at the numbers.

We all have our quirks. Our lot in life that just plain sucks. We all commiserate together about stupid people and situations. We get along. We love being at work. We work well together. I don’t think they realize how much they have helped me. They have helped me find myself. They have helped me heal. They have helped me to have courage.


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