Home School Hesitations

Home school is something I have considered since the moment I found out I was pregnant with BigM. At first HomemadeDady wasn’t agreeable to the idea. He wanted BigM to have all the opportunities that public school offered. With the Autism diagnosis I wanted BigM to be in the public school system while we were in Alaska. That got him more help than I could have managed to pull together.  Even in Alaska, I had basic plans in order to home school if needed. I even ordered a Kindergarten unit study curriculum while there.

After HomemadeDady left the military and we moved, I kept BigM in the public school system. There he was weaned off his IEP, individualized education plan. I received backlash from several people when they found out that was happening. What those people didn’t understand was that BigM was doing extremely well and the school had no reason to allow him to stay on his IEP. I could try to fight it all I wanted but there was just nothing there.

BigM had a successful year but I wanted to give him one full year off the IEP before I considered home school again. This last year we never saw anything that would make us consider an IEP again. He excelled at school and grew to be such a blessing to his teachers and classmates. What convinced me to start looking into homeschooling seriously, were BigM’s grades.  His grades at the end of Kindergarten were excellent. They were great at the start of the year and just kept excelling through the end. In First Grade? He started out ok and ended the year just ok. He didn’t excel in First Grade like he had in Kindergarten.


So at the end of First Grade I pulled him out of the school and started him in homeschooling. To help ensure he got the best possible education I enrolled him in a Home School Assistance Program. This is a district run program so there is some oversight but with it comes help accessing materials. The district we are with also provides field trip opportunities six times as much as a normal public school classroom. They do offer group classes as well if we chose to participate. I did not stay within our district to join such a program. I found the best possible program within a reasonable distance of where we live.

After the first meeting I was so excited about the program. HomemadeDady was happy with the opportunities available. BigM wasn’t super excited yet but he is missing his friends at his last school. I immediately told several people about the program. I told them how excited HD and I were about the program we had chosen. While some were supportive and asked questions, others questioned us and our judgement. Did we really still think this was a good idea?

Yes, we do. This is also still OUR decision to make. It is a decision that YOU have to make for YOUR family. Don’t let anyway make you think otherwise.


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