Part of the growth that I have seen with this new job is discovering who I am. While many people, my counselor included, don’t put much stock in the Myers-Briggs personality test, I have found that it is rather accurate to me. This time. I have taken it in the past and came up with two other answers and one was close to me while the other answer was not really me on a daily basis.

In addition to Myers-Briggs I did an animal test. If anyone is wondering, I am a penguin. This test was endorsed by too many celebrities and news stations for me to mention. Normally those don’t mean anything to me but hey, when a test is as accurate as this one was for me, maybe the big names got something right this time.


We didn’t stop there though! Yes, I mean we because a couple co-workers took these tests along with me. We then looked up our various zodiac signs in different cultures. Most of those were fairly spot on for me too. Sometimes, when everything is pointing to the same thing it may be worth taking notice of. I would expect the zodiacs to all say the same information but when that information corresponds with your supposed personality type. Then things get strange. Now throw in the snake. Go ahead and look up snake in reference to appearing in people’s lives. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Strange, right?


Call me a liar. Believe that I am spinning a pretty story for the sake of a blog. That isn’t who I am though. I started discovering all these connections slowly one Saturday while waiting for our guests to arrive at the store. The cherry on top was the snake making a sudden appearance and being a symbol of great change and transformation. Oh, one more freaky coincidence? I was asked what my favorite element was. I had never thought of it before and finally answered with EARTH. Guess what my favored element is according to all the zodiacs out there? Yep, EARTH.


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