Home School Options

We are very lucky in where we live. Not only does our country allow home schooling but our state is fairly supportive of home schooling. We are even given options for support when home schooling. We can have as little as we are off and running on our own to being dual-enrolled for extra-curricular activities to joining a program through the district that offers some oversight and funding.

Of course with that oversight comes requirements. We have to follow vaccine rules and the district won’t fund any religious based books. I am okay with that though. To me, that is minimal oversight for the peace of knowing that if I need a little help getting my bearings, there is a certified teacher that I can turn to. They are there to answer questions, help pick out curriculum and meet with us once a month.

Our family receives a small stipend to spend how we choose as long as it follows the no religion guidelines. We are able to participate in field trips and bring the whole family. There are group classes available as well. We aren’t required to participate in state testing or to use a specific curriculum or materials. The only subjects we MUST teach at this stage are Reading, Math and Writing. It is not everyone’s cup of tea and that is fine. It is what is working for our family right now though.


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