BabyM: ONE year?!

As always I am a few months late with this update. BabyM turned one year old back in April. To be fair I actually wasn’t even around the week of her birthday because that was training week for my current job. We still had a big weekend bash for her and I put up all sorts of decorations.

Some ways I saved money? We made sure to get decorations that could be used in her room as decor. There was no way to save money on food. We went to Costco and spent so much money there on food and most of it was for her weekend. Yes, some carried over into the next couple of weeks but not much of it. We had muffins, berries, yogurt, noodles, cheese, hot dogs, home made lunchables, more berries. In case you couldn’t guess, this little girl loves her some berries. As in, one night I thought I had put a container out of her reach and I come back from getting a drink to see her not only with the brand new, sealed container of berries but with it open. She was devouring them.

BabyM is the slowest of my M’s to learn to walk. With as much trouble as she gets into when crawling, I really don’t mind. She has started walking since about a month ago. She is not up and running like her brothers though. She has been very slow to find her balance and to move around. Last week I did buy her a brand new pair of princess shoes. Her first pair aside from the winter boots. Her feet have been so hard to fit in the past that it wasn’t worth it to buy shoes even from Payless because they just didn’t really fit. Now she has gained enough weight to be able to fill out a pair of shoes enough.

At her check up she weighed a whooping 17 pounds! That may not seem like much but that was nearly a 3 pound gain from her 9 month check up. She is still itty-bitty and wearing 3-6 month clothes. We are right on the line of being able to switch her to 6 month clothes. Any day now. She also finally outgrew all of her 0-3 clothes. I just got rid of the last of them not to long ago.

I was worried about transitioning her from a bottle of formula. I honestly didn’t think it would go very smoothly and we would have screaming fights on our hands. Thankfully she made the transition with all the grace and ease of a perfectly behaved baby (toddler?). She now only takes a formula bottle if she wakes in the middle of the night. Otherwise she gets straw cups of milk. Yes, I said straw. Yes, I am a huge supporter of using the 360 cups over all other types of kid cup. We tried. We tried so hard to get her to use them. She just could not figure it out and after those screaming fights we moved on to something else.

She does have some word approximations that we have deciphered. Ah-Da mean Daddy, banshee screeching means get away from me, and Na-Na-Na means food. She is so close to saying cup for a drink that it sounds so close to cup I can’t actually tell what she is using for cup. Did that make since?

Sweet girl loves her brothers. She will chase them and hates when they don’t include her. She also isn’t afraid to stand up to them when they do something she doesn’t like. She’s gonna be trouble some day but for now I’ll enjoy her assertive-ness and hope that she retains a bit of that as she grows up.


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