Home School Books

I’ve had a few people ask me, what books we are using to Home School. We are still working on our choices. We made some initial choices last month at our first meeting with the program we are going through for help. We ended up choosing to go with an assistance program through a nearby school district. They are providing access to their library and a small stipend to buy materials and supplies.

They allowed us to borrow some books because we wanted to start year-round school. It would also allow us try out some levels and curriculum before having to submit our first wish list to use some of our stipend on. We haven’t been doing much these past few weeks but we have been using Spectrum Grade 2 to help boost BigM’s reading comprehension. That is one area that he has consistently struggled with.

The other set we borrowed was Horizon Math Grade 2. Math has been one of BigM’s strengths, especially geometry related math. We were able to test out the entire year of student books and teacher books. We were able to borrow some books related to the history topic we are going to cover but have not started history yet. Usborne Who Were the First North Americans? and Learning Through History: Tribes of the American Plains are the two that I am pulling information from for the start of our United States history study.

We do go in for another meeting soon and are planning on picking up books for Spanish, science and music. I have some ideas of what we are looking for but not necessarily any books picked out. I have books chosen for more of a world history study but decided this year to focus on United States and the people living here. We are still considering books for history and geography right now.

If you have any suggestions of curriculum to look into, let me know!



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