Haul: Half-Priced Books

A while back one of my favorite used book stores was having a sale. Half-Priced Books has new and used books, games, activities, movies, video games and magazines. Seriously, this store is amazing. I love going there and can spend hours digging through the shelves.

I decided to take advantage of the sale and see if I could pick up some books for the kids and for our home school library. I wasn’t able to spend a lot of time there. Only as long as the kids could be entertained by the park. That wasn’t nearly long enough. Here is what I was able to find in the time that HomemadeDady bought me though.

  • 500 Nations: An Illustrated History of North American Indians by Alvin M. Joseph
  • Reading Mini Mysteries by Remedia Publications
  • Top Readers Nonfiction Reading Comprehension Stage 3
  • Usborne First World War
  • Adventure According to Humphrey
  • Winter According to Humphrey

Two of the books I chose were to help with reading comprehension. I had talked earlier about how BigM struggles with that. The mysteries and nonfiction workbooks both have very different approaches to help grow comprehension. Writing is also a struggle area and the mysteries book asks for short answers so that will help strengthen his writing skills as well.

The Humphrey books are a series that BigM had expressed interest in this past school year. I do like to keep fun books around for him to choose from for his summer/free reading time. While the 500 Nations book is pretty advanced for BigM we will be able to use it in our Native American studies a little bit. The illustrations are beautiful.

What is your favorite bookstore and why?


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